Altitudinal zonation of runoff in the Rasina River Basin

Predrag Manojlović, Milan Srejić, Ivan Đokić, Sanja Mustafić, Tanja Dobrosavljević


The Rasina River Basin is located on the territory of Central Serbia. The aim of this paper is to determine the amount and spatial distribution of water resources, that is, to establish the participation of altitudinal zones in the formation of the total runoff in the Rasina River Basin area upstream from the "Ćelije" reservoir. In terms of methodology, determination of water volume is based on four separated petrological-hydrological complexes. Average weighted specific runoff in a given territory is 9 l/s/km2. Metamorphites and magmatites are in the first place per participation in the total water runoff of 42.8 %. The second place belongs to sedimentary rocks that make 39.6 % of the total runoff . Unbound sediments participate in the total runoff value with 10.5 % and limestone with 7.1%.


specific runoffs, lithological-hydrological complexes, Rasina, Serbia

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