Landspout across Novi Beograd, 24 may 2012: Synoptic analysis

Jovan Mihajlović, Vladan Ducić, Dragan Burić, Rade Ivanović, Dušan Ristić


In this study we have analysed a case of the landspout across Novi Beograd on 24 May 2012. We have used a synoptic analysis method in the research and the description of the landspout event is based on visual evidence and photographs. According to the available data, it can be concluded that there were favourable conditions for a landspout development since there was a process and an increased amount of instability. The landspout occured within the northeast stream which moved over Belgrade and further toward the southeast and west. Based upon synoptic data analysis, it can’t be said that there was a cold air advection. Surface air was warm enough, but not the air in the upper layers of the atmosphere. The conditions for a landspout development were favourable - high relative air humidity and increased vertical and horizontal air currents.


landspout, non - supercell tornado, synoptic analysis, cumulonimbus (Cb), Novi Beograd

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