Appendix geoecological evaluation of the area of nature reserve "Obedska bara" (Serbia)

Aleksandar Krajić


Special nature reserve "Obedska bara" and its protection area is geoecological evaluated by using the recreation potential indexing method for nautical tourism and recreation sports of rowing, and for aerobic and excursion tourism. Evaluation confirmed that the left bank of the river Sava from Grabovci to Kupinovo, for the needs of nautical tourism, falls into the category of high-value areas, and for recreation is characterized as mainly valuable landscapes. Valuation of the alluvial plain for the purpose of aerobics has shown that fall into the category of “mostly” valuable land. Land evaluation has concluded that the settlements Kupinovo and Obrez circumcised the category very valuable tourist destinations as opposed to Grabovci falling into the category of mostly hard-working but Ogar and Asanja are categorized as“relatively” valuable areas.


geoecology, model of evaluation, the river Sava, potential of turisam, specijal nature reserve “Obedska Bara”(Serbia)

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