Cartographic conic projections and their appliance in national cartography

Mirko Borisov, Miro Govedarica, Vladimir Petrović


This paper is dedicated to the mapping of conic projections and their appliance in producing maps of our state cartography. So far they were often applied, and will be used precisely coned, polyconed and modified polyconed projections for the official mapping (1:500 000, 1:750 000, 1:1000 000 and 1:1500 000). In particular, they cartographic conical projection at a scale of 1:1000 000 were taken into consideration. Those are the Lambert conformal conical projection with two standard parallels and the Modified polyconic projections. In addition to these cartographic conical projections, is described Boneo`s pseudoconic equivalent projections. This is one of the cartographic conical map projection that is commonly used in the preparation of thematic maps as well as for atlas editions of geographic maps both in Serbia and abroad.


Geography, cartography, official mapping, conic projection, appliance

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