Convergent daily urban systems of Jagodina, Ćuprija and Paraćin

Marija Ivković


Commuting is an extremely important phenomen for understanding the functioning of urban systems. In this paper are presented convergence daily urban systems of three Velika Morava’s cities: Jagodina, Ćuprija and Paraćin. These three cities are located in a relatively short distance and their daily urban systems are specific in many ways, because of their spatial-demographic development and expression, and because of their mutual entanglement. The current statistics show that, by mass commuting, convergent daily urban influence is far more prominent than the divergent systems of all three cities. Also, workers commuters in all three cities make the main mass of commuters (83.0% in Jagodina, 79.7% in Paraćin and 74.5% in Ćuprija). That is why this paper is to retain some relevant features of convergence of labor commuters, while convergent commuting of pupils and students will be shown in the second part of the work.


daily urban system, commuters, convergent commuting, labor force

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