Indicators of sustainable development of rural and ethno tourism of the lower Danube basin

Rodoljub Čučulović, Milutin Mrkša, Ana Čučulović


Indicators that should express all forms of sustainable development of rural tourism are analyzed in this paper. These are primarily indicators of economic efficiency, technological development, social success and ecological sustainability. The objective of this paper is to indicate the need and method for the creation of modern programmes for the development of rural and ethno tourism and projects of tourist activity and offer, based on the sustainable development principles. It also indicates standard procedures for integral control of ethno-tourist programmes and projects. These indicators can be used both in analytical parts of plans and development programmes, and also in control of the implementation of these plans and programmes. It is preferable that these indicators should show the real state with elements showing potentials and limitations. It is recommended that these indicators should be expressed in a quantitative form whenever possible. However, even in developed societies the methodology of quantification of sustainable development indicators has not been developed enough, leaving the possibility for imprecise evaluation of development potentials.


sustainable development, environment, indicator, ecotourism, economic efficiency, social sustainability

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