Transport of dissolved load in the hydrologically extreme conditions in the Crnica river basin

Sanja Mustafić, Tanja Dobrosavljević, Predrag Manojlović, Milan Srejić


During 2010, 62065.3 t of the dissolved load were transported from the Crnica Basin, which was 5.1 times higher than the long-term average value. In hydrological terms the studied year was specific. In the period from January to May the amount of runoff water was significantly above the average perennial values, while in the period from August to November the amount was below the perennial average. According to the hydrological conditions in the period January-May 82.3% were transported, and in the period August-November only 5.1% of the annual dissolved load amount. Most of the year (54.2% of the time) the specific runoff was less than 10 l/s/km2, the average water mineralization was 374.9 mg/l, and in that time 13% of the total annual amount of the dissolved load was evacuated. On the other hand, the specific runoffs greater than 50 l/s/km2 represented 13.4% of the annual frequency, the average water mineralization was 263.3 mg/l, but for that time period even 53.9% of the annual quantity of the dissolved load was evacuated.


environment, sources of pollution, the Sopot Municipality

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