Quaternary stratigraphy: Recent changes

Tivadar Gaudenji, Mlađen Jovanović


Corrections to the Quaternary stratigraphic division of Serbia was updated/renewed by lowering limit of the Pleistocene / Quaternary to the beginning of the Gelasian that is at approximately 2.588 million years. Rather than the officially rejected Penck and Brückner Alpine stratigraphic model, the use of oxygen isotope stages (OIS / MIS) is recommended. Climatostratigraphic terms glacial and interglacial have a regional applicability and their use is recommended only in areas where there are traces of glaciation, while the terms cold and warm stage (or moderate) stages should be used within the global context. Eopleistocene is a regional term for the former Soviet Union and due to its uniqueness it can hardly be applied in the stratigraphical scheme of the Quaternary depostis in Serbia. With the latest extension of the Lower Pleistocene, further use of Eopleistocene would lead to further confusion in stratigraphic correlation as such the use of the Lower / Early Pleistocene or other appropriate stratigraphic units is recommended.


quaternary, stratigraphy, terminology, Serbia

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