Strategic programmes for sustainable development of local communities

Milutin Lješević, Bojana Mihajlović, Rodoljub Čučulović


The concept of sustainable development is recent one, but this problem has been dealt with by the humanity from its beginnings. Back in the ancient time, a number of thinkers already understood the truth that quality of life meant actually good health, material goods and regulated social life. Nowadays, this concept is thought about in a more specific way. A sustainable development theory has been developed and become a leading premise of human life quality at international level. The term “sustainable development” is interpreted in various ways. Among the representatives of the futuristic elite of highly developed countries, the concept of sustainable development implies maintenance of production level and consumption of resources in this present time in order to stop the excessive consumption of natural resources and maintain the environment. This would, in fact, maintain the status of economic relations in the world and would conserve the status of privileged nations acquired at the time of great colonial empires.


local communities, development strategy, sustainable development, environment, economic development, social development

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