The necessity of having „Knowledge on knowledge“ in tourism

Vidoje Stefanović, Dobrica Jovičić


Knowledge, as the most productive factor of production and international competitiveness, represents an area of the biggest interest for every country, because with its increasing and spreading, numerous strategically important goals are achieved. However, there's always open question of fullness, depth, resource, direction, intensity etc. of state regulations so sensitive and very important area of work such as a «production» of knowledge (research work), its dispersion, transfer and usage, but also misusage. Following that, it's important to point at the existence of international (global) mechanism of control, not so much of creation, because it's not so possible, but applying of some knowledge's (nuclear armament control, toxic waste control, radioactive material control etc.). By that, the humanity is actually, defending itself from himself, from its irresponsible members. Considering that tourist activity is actively enhanced and dynamic, the use of knowledge is necessary in all tourist offices extension modalities. A high quantum of knowledge is also requireable at a tourist market with high competitiveness.


knowledge, tourism, use of knowledge

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