Analysis of the environmental state in the municipality Grocka as a basis of integrated planning protection

Dejan Filipović, Danijela Obradović-Arsić


The structure and use of space of city municipality of Grocka was influenced by its specific position and resources, as well as by development processes that have taken place in recent decades. Apart from the natural, the way of spatial development was significantly influenced by anthropogenic factors, often disturbing the natural conditions and opportunities. In that sense, the analysis of existing environmental state is an important basis of integrated planning of future spatial development of the municipality. Several different sources of environmental pollution are identified in the municipality of Grocka, some of which have "significant" impacts on closer and wider environment. This paper presents the state of environment in individual elements (air, water and soil), problems of noise, waste and the risk of accidents in the municipality, and finally made valorization of the environment from the pollution level.


environment, pollution sources, the municipality of Grocka

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