Assessment of marl properties effect on sediment and runoff rate at different rainfall intensity under field rainfall simulator

S.H. Hosseini, S. Feiznia, H.R. Peyrovan


The objective of this study is to assess the effect of physical and chemical properties of Marl's formations on sediment and runoff rates at different rainfall intensities, based on using field rainfall simulator. For this purpose, first Marl's formations (Neocene's units) were separated to five units including Halite siltstone(NgSiH), Siltstone (NgSi), Mudstone (gy1C), Gypsum mudstone (gy1CG) and Halite clay stone (gy2CH), based on physical and chemical properties. Then runoff and sediment rates were determined in each unit at two intensities (30 and 60 mm/h) using rainfall simulator. Analysis of variance and Duncan's tests showed that Halite siltstone unit has produced the highest amount of runoff and sediment rates and then the runoff and sediment rates of other subunits in decreasing order are as follows: Siltstone, gy2CH, gylCG and gy1C are 5% significant level. The trend of induced runoff and sediment rates at different times showed that in Halite siltstone and Siltstone units the runoff amounts were fixed rapidly at 2nd ten minutes. And, on the other units, the runoff amounts were fixed at 3rd ten minutes and sediment yield was increased rapidly at 3rd ten minutes.


Sediment, Runoff, Rainfall Simulator, Neocene's units

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