Natural resources in the function of the development of tourism of Titel and Titel hill

Jovan Romelić, Tatjana Pivac, Kristina Košić


Titel is the largest and the most interesting settlement in the foothill of Titel hill, according to its area/expanse it is small, but the loess plateau in Serbia. It has the most characteristic position of all Backa settlements in Potisje. It is located in the place where Titel hill is the closest to loess strata in Srem in Fruska gora and where there are the narrowest alluvial planes of the two biggest rivers Danube and Tisa. From naturalgeographical point of view this is very complex and for tourists very interesting area. This fact is especially affected by natural potentials found in geomorphologic, hydrographic and biogeography resources. Natural potentials offer possibility for the development of different kinds of tourism which should be raised to a higher level. For now tourism in Titel has regional contractive zone.


Tourism, Titel, Titel hill, lumber plateau, lumber terrace, alluvial planes

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