Planning of spatial development of tourism based on the example of spatial plan of Subotica municipality

Velimir Šećerov


Planning of tourism development and its spatial disposition in Europe and world today are an important segment of the overall economic development. Having in mind its important economic and social functions, as well as its capability to intensify its other economic branches (agricultural and economic potentials, services of various types, transport and other) in a certain territory, it is necessary to realize a precise valorization of tourist values in the spatial plan of municipality and to conclude at what point and at which places the tourism can represent on of development components of the entire economy of the territory to be planed. The example of the spatial plan of Subotica and main guidelines, concept and planning priorities which can be expected in the forthcoming period are presented in this paper. It is without any doubt that the municipality of Subotica with its geostrategic position, the proximity of the EU and important natural and cultural tourist potentials is a suitable space for application of contemporary principles of the tourism development planning and their correlation with other segments of integral development for the whole municipality.


municipality spatial plan, tourism, valorization, integrated planning, economic development

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