Risk of artificial lake 'Zavoj' to processes of erosion: Methodological, knowing and protecting aspect

Sanja Mustafić, Stanimir Kostadinov, Predrag Manojlović


In this paper land erosion has been investigated from its temporal and spatial variability point of view. The aim of the application of contemporary soft wares and satellite observations was to create an adequate data base which allows faster and more adequate possibility for monitoring the intensity of erosive processes, as well as meaningful decision for application of different ways of anti erosive techniques of the most dangerous areas. Geomorphologic mapping of erosive processes using plane and satellite images has allowed rational planning of field observations and, at the other side very detailed establishing of the intensity of previous erosion. A new approach applied in this paper during data processing of all relevant parameters influencing erosion is based on using of software Geomedia 5.2 (Intergraph).


erosive processes, the intensity of erosion, sanitation, empirical method, grid system, method of layers, Temstica River

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