Methodological concepts of cartography

Vesna Ikonović, Dragica Živković


Cartography is a science, technique and art. Cartography is organization and communication of geographical connected information in graphical and digital forms. That can include all conditions of data prepared for presentation and usage. Cartography in the cotemporary society is a system of diverse manifestation forms dominated by making and using traditional and virtual cartosemiotic models of reality and fiction. Cartography is dynamic science, which developing its disciplines according to demands of modern theory and needs of practical sciences, often tacking and overlaying with their researching fields. On that way there are becoming new disciplines (bridges between sciences), which not leading to new differentiations but their integrations. That new disciplines are: Cartoinformatics (geoinformation cartography), Geoicons and Geoimage.


cartography, scientific disciplines, graphic and digital forms

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