Current state of studying precipitation acidification in Serbia

Radomir Talijan, Goran Anđelković


Basic relations between the state of air pollution and their effects on chemistry of precipitation were introduced in this paper. Changes in the composition of atmosphere were defined by numerous chemical elements and compounds different in character which also affect the phenomenon of acidification and alkaline processes. The interconnected sources of emission, relations between urban and rural, the regime of rainmeasuring system and climate elements combined as whole give us more complete image of the global phenomenon and its effects on cities as a contemporary social development first of all caused by industrialization , its dependance upon fosil sources of energy and demographic pressure. Characteristics of main pollutants were considered as well as their ability to modify atmospheric conditions, but also the influence of climate elements on those conditions, ph rainfall average value movement, seasonal and daily variations, the influence of industrial zones and agglomeration on the conditions in the area much wider than emitters.



emission; sulphur dioxide; nitrogen oxide; atmosphere; acidification

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