Changes in vegetation cover on Stara planina: Towards sustainable management of ski resorts in sensitive areas

Ivan Potić, Marko Joksimović, Rajko Golić


Tourism is an indicator and the consequence of the development of many countries. Among the priority areas of the tourism strategy are high mountain areas with complex ecosystems. Mountain tourism in Serbia, as well as continental country is one of the leading forms of tourism through various projects stimulated by the state. In the last ten years, build up and expand the ski slopes of Stara planina in eastern Serbia, leading to various, mostly negative changes in the environment. This paper analyzes the changes in the forest areas of the site Babin Zub in years 2000 and 2013, using satellite imagery (Landsat 7 and Landsat 8) and remote sensing software. We used unsupervised multispectral analysis resolution 30 m and obtained data on forest areas. The aim is to draw attention to the change of vegetation cover and degradation of forest areas. Following to the experiences of the world's ski resorts, the paper presents the opportunities and examples of restoration of ski runs, and sustainable forest management in the studied highland area.


vegetation cover; satellite imagery; degradation; Stara planina; ski area.

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