Gabrovnica: Contribution to depopulation in Serbia

Marija Martinović, Danica Šantić


Development of village Gabrovnica from the prehistorically time to modern days is characterized by a number of geographic, historical, spatial demographic, social and economic changes. In this paper are emphasized four main stages in its evolution: initial (from the foundation to the Turkish conquests), early stage (period of Turkish rule), central stage (from the liberation to the end of The Second world war), and modern stage that lasts for more than 50 years. Geographic, historical and antropogeographic factors were in flavour to evolution of Gabrovnica in antic and medieval period when the village was mentioned for the first time in written documents. After the liberation from the long Turkish rule, the development was significant and rapid. In the modern stage, especially after 1960s, stagnation and negative development tendencies occurred. Today Gabrovnica is village with only 5 citizens and with serious treat to be abandoned. This is also a current problem in settlements and its spatial and demographic development in Serbia. Complete depopulation of Gabrovnica is undoubtedly in nearby future.


village, population, emigration, depopulation, rural problems

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