Tourist valorization of the old city center of Novi Sad according to the Hillary Du Cros model

Jovan Romelić, Tatjana Pivac, Kristina Košić


Cities are ambiental, but also complex cultural tourist motifs. Different elements are combined in them, such as: attractiveness of architecture modern accomplishments, centers of cultural, artistic and sports life etc. Old city centers play an important role in cultural, tourist movements and they are unavoidable when visiting a city. They are complement ambiental motifs, extremely important as elements of attractiveness and complex motifs and therefore in the policy of tourist development they should be given special attention. Example tourist valorization of the old city center of Novi Sad has been conducted according to the Hillary du Cros model, i.e. the applicability of the market appeal/robusticity matrix on cultural tourism development has been estimated.


Novi Sad, old city center, market appeal, robusticity

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