An investigation of the factors which influence to the satisfaction with tourist experience of a tourist-visitor of an event in Novi Sad

Olga Hadžić, Željko Bjeljac


In this paper we investigate factors which influence to the satisfaction with tourist experience of a tourist/visitor of an event, and which are under the control in some extent by the organizer of the event, as well as by the tourism sector of the destination and the local community. A qualitative method (open interview) and a quantitative method (the method of Importance/Performance matrix) are used.. The results obtained by the application of these methods can help to the organizer of an event, as well as to the tourism sector on the destination, to make an estimation of the successfulness of the event, which is important in the planning process of a similar event in the future. We pointed out the necessity of joint efforts of many partners (stakeholders) in tourism sector on the destination in order to satisfy the expectation of a tourist-visitor of the manifestation. Important stakeholders are experts in the domains of the space planning and the protection of the environment. They have to choose in their plans the venue for manifestations and camps for the accommodation of many visitors, which is of the special importance if tourism sector on the destination wish to include in their tourism offer international music manifestations, which attract thousand of tourists.


events, tourist experience, method of the Importance/Performance matrix, space planning

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