Forests as the factor of the economy development of the Raška region

Snežana Vujadinović


Forests represent the significant natural resource of the Raška region. The preservation of forests ecosystems, and space potential offer, a favourable basis for their many-functional usage. For the time being, the productive, i.e., economic function, is dominant. The forests on the territory of the Prijepolje Forest Organization present the main raw material basis. In the whole cut wood volume of Serbia (state forests), the above mentioned organization participates with 37,1%. Opposite to that fact, the economic effects that the region economy has from the forest utilization, are far less than the potentials. Forest resources are neither enough nor adequately used. That greatly complicates the development of wood industry, as well as the other activities whose prosperity is connected with forests. Making and realization of plans for protection, fending forests and utilization, constructing infrastructure, tending and preservation of wild life, rational exploitation of forest resources, are the trends of the future usage of the Raška region forest natural wealth.


forest functions, afforestation, growing stock, wood volume increment, natural resource

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