Some observations about solifluctional scars as recent phenomena on the lower altitudinal limit of the periglacial climazonal belt

Dragan Nešić, Srđan Belij


This paper presents the morphological and genetical characteristics of small forms of modern periglacial environment of the Balkan Peninsula mountains, called solifluctional scars. Except several previous observations, these forms have not been distinguished and considered as a type of a modern periglacial relief so far. Solifluctional scars are small phenomena of the horseshoe indentations in the pedological-vegetational base of the decimetermeter dimensions. They are formed by cleavage of the base by the use of a solifluctional sliding process with secondary processes of frost and linear water denudation during their subsequent evolution. As such, they can be seen as rudimentary phenomena of beginnings of linear flows of snowmelt, as well as a small mud solifluctionaltorrential flows, but also in general, as a segment of cryoplanation. These qualities classify them into a frame of rudimentary phenomena at the lower limit of the periglacial climazonal belt in the Balkan Peninsula mountains.


solifluctional scars; solifluction; periglacial environment; Balkan Peninsula.

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