Limitations in development of planned and alternative types of tourism in the â€Stara planina†nature park and tourist region

Ivan Samardžić


Great Serbian natural resources can be used to develop tourism which follows the principles of sustainable development. Water resources: rivers, lakes, then spas, mountains, etc. can be used in the right way, for development of tourism, local community affirmation as well as the entire country, and of course with the appropriate investments and responsible policy development which can bring huge material use to the entire society. Stara Planina area has defined tourism with emphasis on winter tourism through the planning documents (development of ski centers and appropriate infrastructure). Alternative to this type of tourism is sustainable tourism which includes: agricultural and food production and livestocking, ethno and ecotourism, spa and lake tourism, revitalization of cultural goods and monuments of national construction and their use, domestic production, beekeeping, medical herbs collection, fishing and hunting tourism, etc. Basic goal is to upgrade quality of the environment as well as minimizing negative effects to the environment, and to remove those effects where possible. Assessment of the terrain situation could give recommendations for development of the sustainable tourism.


Stara Planina; planned and alternative tourism; revitalization of countryside.

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