Cultural heritage in the function of sustain development of tourism in the municipality of Vrbas

Rodoljub Čučulović, Milutin Mrkša, Ana Čučulović


Cultural tourism is directly linked to the cultural and historical basis of an area, relative quality and quantity of cultural monuments and cultural buildings and the manifestation. Development of cultural tourism is necessary to agree with the basic principles of sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism is a peak in the management of all resources in a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes and biological diversity and maintenance systems of the living world is a new and higher quality set of rules and principles in tourism development. Vrbas municipality is a good basis for the development of cultural tourism, but it takes place in the cultural heritage feature of sustainable tourism development, and create this type of tourism activities and as independent as the integral of the total tourist offer.


Cultural tourism; cultural heritage; sustainable tourism development; tourist industry.

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