Bioclimate analysis of Mountain Bjelašnica

Sanda Šušnjar, Milica Pecelj


The main task of this paper was to assess weather suitability on Bjelasnica Mountain for optimal function of a human organism. Also, this paper represents weather classification for certain types of recreation and sport's activities. For the purpose of bioclimate analyses it has been used Model “MENEX”. This paper deals with the assessment of heat exchange between man and its environment. Research is based on a meteorological data from 2000 to 2010. The aim of a research was to determine periods in year on mountain Bjelasnica with optimal climate conditions for recreation and living but also to define periods with mostly unsuitable weather conditions, except for healthy and well adapted persons and specific type of activities.


Bioclimatology; Human heat blance; Bjelasnica; climate evaluation; recreation

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