Milovan V. Radovanović: Kosovo and Metohia - Antropogeographical, historical and geographical, demographical and geopolitical foundations.

Mirko Grčić


The book under the specified title undoubtedly the most comprehensive and profound analysis of the ethnic processes in Kosovo-Metohija to date. The author of the book, our respected university professor and prominent scientist Milovan V. Radovanovic (1931-†2009), implemented an interdisciplinary approach to the problem of ethnic processes, addressing it primarily from the grounds of anthropogeography, but also of ethnography, political history, historical demography, onomatology, sociology, ethno-psychology, geopolitics, and of the related specialized branches of learning. Although the book is written at the confluence of diverse scientific disciplines, its main focus is on the demographic development of the Serbian and Albanian people in an historical retrospect and perspective. It adds to the value of our accummulated knowledge on the ethnic and demographic processes in Kosovo-Metohija, and makes a substantial contribution to the development of the scientific-humanist thought on this so fateful a region for the Serbian nation.

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