A written word about Professor Dušan Duki? on the occasion of the centennial of birth (1923-2023)

Stevan Stankovi?


Dušan Duki?, professor at the Faculty of Geography of the University of Belgrade, was born on July 20, 1923. This is an opportunity to come back once again to a very prolific writer and widely educated professor and scientist, from whose books we still gain a wealth of knowledge today. He was always benevolent during his lifetime and after his death, and was often quoted and featured in various publications on the occasion of important anniversaries and anniversaries. This is what these words and sentences speak for, with which we snatch from oblivion the famous professor, the President of the Serbian Geographical Society, the Director of the Institute of Geography Jovan Cviji?, the Director of the Faculty of Geography, the full member of the Scientific Society of Serbia, the author of scientific monographs, textbooks, scientific and professional papers, the participant of numerous scientific meetings, the researcher who stayed in numerous geographical institutions throughout Europe and brought new knowledge, new research methods. The written word about our professor is extensive and varied. We take this opportunity to point out.

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