Consequences of precipitation variability and socio-economic activity on surface water in the Vranso water basin (Burkina Faso)

Joseph Yaméogo, Abdoulaye Sawadogo


The aim of this study is to analyse rainfall variability and its impact on surface water in the Vranso catchment. To achieve this, the methodology consisted of collecting primary and secondary data. The primary data was acquired using a survey technique, while the secondary data was based on meteorological data (rainfall) and a literature review. Data processing was based on the standardised rainfall index (SPI), the Martonne aridity index and the standardised flow index. (SFI), and the frequency index (FI). The study shows that rainfall variability is significant over the period 1985-2014. This variability is reflected in alternating dry and wet periods. The study also shows that rainfall variability has an impact on flows in the Vranso catchment. Agricultural activities, gold panning and livestock farming contribute to the drying up of water bodies in the catchment. It would be useful for the regional authorities to tackle this problem by formulating conservation policies for these areas.

Key words: Burkina Faso, Vranso, watershed, rainfall variability, surface water, flow

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