Dr Predrag Manojlović the winner of the "Jovan Cvijić" medal

Slavoljub Dragićević, Vladan Ducić, Nenad Živković, Velimir Jovanović, Radenko Lazarević


Professor dr Predrag Manojlović was born on 24th of Аpril 1955, in Negotin. He graduated in 1980 (average grade 9,76). In 1985 he defended his MSc thesis "The karst of Zamna river basin". He finished his PhD studies in 1990. "Experimental research of the intensity of corrosion in the karst of the Eastern Serbia" was the title of his doctoral dissertation. He started his professional career as assistant at the faculty in 1983. Since 2001 he has worked at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography, as a full professor.

The main field of his research is geomorphology. At the beginning of his career he was focused on the study of fundamental geomorphology – karst erosion and paleogeomorphology. The most successful part of his scientific work took place in the period between 1989 and 2000, when he was dedicated to the study of chemical erosion as a geomorphological process. He is one of the founders of the Laboratory for Physical Geography at the Faculty of Geography. In the period 2001-2015 he was the editor-in-chief of the scientific journal "Bulletin" ("Glasnik"), published by the Serbian Geographical Society. He was the leader of two national scientific and research projects in the period between 2001 and 2005 ("The geographical basis of Serbia's development") and 2006 – 2010 ("The intensity of the mechanical and chemical erosion and accumulation in Eastern Serbia"). In his career he has published more than 70 scientific papers in international and national journals. He participated at many scientific conferences. He published three university textbooks and took part in completion of three sheets of Speleological maps of Serbia.

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