Climate change and river discharge: case study Kolubara River, Beli brod hydrological gauge

Dragan Burić, Gorica Stanojević, Jelena Luković, Ljiljana Gavrilović, Nenad Živković


This paper analyzes climate change and its impact on river discharge. This issue is very well studied worldwide, but in Serbia so far has been poorly studied. The first part of the paper presents the views of two different opinions, those who favored anthropogenic impact on the increasing greenhouse effect, and those who say that this is due to natural factors. Most attention is paid to changes in temperature and precipitation patterns. Classification by the group of those who favor the promotion of natural phenomena is demonstrated through the analysis of river flow fluctuations in the hydrological gauge Beli brod located on Kolubara River.


climate change, temperature, precipitation, discharge, Kolubara River

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