Review and protection possibilities of some trans-border (East Serbia-West Bulgaria) stratigraphic/palaeontological geosites

Velimir Jovanović, Ivana Carević, Dragana Vušković, Morteza Taherpour Khalil Abad


Stratigraphic/palaeontological geosites of Stara Planina Mountain in east Serbia are well developed in the area of Serbian/Bulgarian state border, where with this occassion, three sections of exeptional geological and scientific interest are selected: Jelovica, Rosomač and Senokos. These geosites represent the important localities for study of Triassic and Jurassic terrigene-carbonate deposits, for which the scientific value from the domains of palaeontology, stratigraphy and sedimentology is widely known. The aim of this work is to represent the main scientific arguments for inventory and protection of detached transborder geological sites that are unique according to their composition and content.


Stratigraphic/palaeontological geosites, east Serbia, Triassic, Jurassic, palaeontology, stratigraphy

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