Tourist attractiveness of Felix Romuliana archaeological site

Danijela Voza, Milovan Vuković


Archaeological site Felix Romuliana is located in Eastern Serbia, on the 10th kilometer of Boljevac - Zajecar road. It represents the remains of the Roman emperor Gaius Valerius Maximian Gallery’s palace. The value and importance of this unique monument, which dates from the late Roman period, are shown by the fact that in 2007. it was included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage. This paper introduces touristic - geographic location of Felix Romuliana, its artistic value, history and progress of archeological research as well as protection measures and site management system. The second part consist the tourist valorization results, made by Hilari du Cros model. Aim of the article is to determine the manner in which it is possible to make a presentation of cultural and historic values of the potential tourists (both domestic and foreign) and to point out the weaknesses and the opportunities in the tourist valorization. Finally, it can be concluded that the strategy for tourism development in this area should be based on the promotion of cultural tourism, which would be the holder of the Gamzigrad archeological complex.


Felix Romuliana, Gamzigrad, archeological site, tourist valorization

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