The attitudes of local people about creating sports-recreational tourist offer in Šajkaška

Bojana Kovačević, Jovan Plavša


Šajkaška is a geographical region in Serbia. It is southeastern part of Bačka, located in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Šajkaška is characterized by suitable tourist-geographical position, a plenty of natural values and various cultural-historical inheritance. These characteristics enable a lot of opportunities for developing sports and recreational activities This paper presents the results collected in the field research about the attitudes of local people about opportunities for development sports-recreational tourism in Šajkaska, as well as involving local community in this process. Initially, the survey was carried in Sajkaska and provided data about the participation of the local communities in the sport tourism development in Sajkaska Involving local community in this process is most easily done through the development of different forms of sports-tourist movements and tourism education programs of local population of Šajkaška. As long as sport tourism development in Sajkaska is well planned and monitored, it can be an effective means of local economic growth, cultural affirmation and environmental protection without compromising a region’s unique attractions.


Sajkaska, sport, tourism, local community

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