The changes of precipitation in Podgorica for period 1951-2010

Vladan Ducić, Dragan Burić, Jelena Luković, Gorica Stanojević


The global warming and climate change are the actual and challenging topics. Recently there is one question, frequently asked: whether today's climate is changing? The studies of this issues are mainly related to the two the most important climatic elements - air temperature and precipitation amounts. We have done research about temperature variability for Montenegro and the main aim of this paper is analysis precipitation changes for station Podgorica (Montenegro) in the period of sistematic observation - are there changes, to what extent and whether they are significant. According to the results, acumulated precipitation do not show significant changes for annual and seasonal values in the period 1951-2010. The interannual variations of the precipitation (which are characterictic for this climate element) do not show increases in recent times. The component trend shows some changes, but statisticaly insignigficant. The previous results for precipitation conditions in Podgorica are not in accordance with the concept of Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which predicted a general decerease in precipitation and increase variability on this area.


precipitation, trend, variability, Podgorica

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