The problem of the presence of relict cryoplanation morphology on mountain Tupižnica (Eastern Serbia)

Dragan Nešić


During several-year long research on Tupižnica (1160 m), a low limestone mountain in eastern Serbia, some terraces, cirque niches and other occurrences and forms in the highest parts of mountain with unfamiliar genetic origin have been registered. Using the complex analysis of this morphology, and relying on the achievements of contemporary geomorphology, we have come to conclusion that the aforementioned terraces resemble relict periglacial, or, cryoplanation relief, which has been taken from the fact that Tupižnica was in its Last Glacial Maximum with its highest parts in the zone of mountainous periglacial environment. Considering the fact that this morphology is registered on a low mountain, the aim of this paper is to prove the given assumption and solve this problem.


relict, cryoplanation, periglacial relief, Tupižnica, Eastern Serbia

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