Tourist valorization of the municipality of Negotin

Rodoljub Čučulović, Ana Čučulović


According to its physical-geographical and socio-economical characteristics, the municipality of Negotin belongs to the territories with favorable tourist potentials. In order to scientifically validate this fact, in this paper tourist valorization has been performed using quantitative-qualitative method, giving attractiveness ranking values, based on which conclusions have been made on the direction and forms of tourist potential. The results obtained from tourist valorization have shown that the hydrographic potential and fauna are rated as good (3), and have the highest general tourist value among natural resources. General values are graded as satisfactory (1.8) and the climate is graded as unsatisfactory (1.2). Valorization of anthropogenic characteristics gave the maximal general value (4) to cultural-historical objects including sacral objects - monasteries and churches and the Rajac pimnice. The Rajac pimnice have an especially high value, as they represent, for us, a unique value that can be considered in diverse ways and adjusted to tourist utilization. Based on the performed tourist valorization it can be noted that the general tourist value of the municipality of Negotin is of regional ranking, though anthropogenic potentials are of national ranking and part of them, as emphasized, are objects that are internationally important. The basic shortcoming is the low road quality leading to places of important tourist value, even though the road network is favorable, and there are also many weaknesses in the receptive tourist base. Improvement of these shortcomings would create a good image of the municipality of Negotin in continental tourism of the Republic of Serbia.


Negotin municipality, tourist valorization, natural and anthropogenic tourist values

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