Atmospheric circulation and the precipitation variability in Serbia for period 1949-2004

Vladan Ducić, Jelena Luković, Gorica Stanojević


In this paper we have analyzed the correlation between the atmospheric circulation and annual precipitation in Serbia for period 1949-2004. The data for frequency Hess-Brezowsky circulation forms and types were used as indicators of atmospheric circulation. Statistically significant coefficient of a negative sign is obtained for zonal and half-meridional form and a positive sign for meridional form. The strength of correlation is not uniform in the space. According to the multiple linear regression the contribution of atmospheric circulation in the variability annual precipitation of Serbia is 69%. Also, we analyzed the connection between the atmospheric circulation and the mean annual cloudiness. Comparing the results for this two climate elements we have concluded that they show different time-space development for same macrosynoptic conditions. Also, we can speak about the regional aspects of these processes.


atmospheric circulation, Hess-Brezowsky typology, precipitation, cloudiness, Serbia

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