Activating BeÄej's salashes at the tourist market

Nevena Ćurčić, Nataša Pavlović, Aleksandra Stanojlović


There are 50 permanently inhabited farms in the area of the municipality of BeÄej, with a certain number of accommodating units at their disposal that could be included into tourist program. This paper presents the results collected in the market research about the understanding of salashes and 'salash' tourism in Vojvodina, about the knowledge of salash in the municipality of BeÄej, as well as the interest of potential tourists in visiting and staying at these salashes. The main goal of this research was to establish the steps that would contribute to activating BeÄej's salashes for tourism purposes, and to determine the context of accompanying programs that would be interesting to potential tourists and attractive when they choose a farm as a place to relax.


market research, consumers, traditional salash (farm), tourism, transition, the municipality of Bečej

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