Waterspout near Indjija: The analysis of the case from 6th June 2008

Milan Radovanović


The spinning movements of air masses represent extremely rare phenomenon in the area of Serbia. Even though mini tornados1) are characterized by much weaker cyclonic movements of air masses than tornados for example, their destructive power can cause considerable damage and represent the significant factor of risk for casualties. Modern scientific researches are characterised by the impossibility of making the precise prognostic models on the basis of which it would be possible to predict when and where not only the mini tornados are going to appear, but also the more intensive phenomena such as tropical depressions, storms, hurricanes, etc. Considering that in the last years there were many papers published with the evidences on the link between the processes on the Sun and atmospheric disturbances, the arguments by which it could be pointed to such feedback were presented in this paper. The potential causality was examined on the basis of the analysis of astrophysical parameters. By the use of Mann-Whitney U test on daily data for the period from 2004 to 2007, it turned out that there was a significant link between some variables, i.e. indexes of the solar activity and disturbances in the atmosphere. Moreover, the calculations used by Wilcoxon test spoke in favour of the obtained results.


mini tornado, astrophysical predispositions, Indjija (Serbia)

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