The risk of slope processes on the territory of Ub municipality

Slavoljub Dragićević, Ivan Novković, Marko Prica


Stereotype researches of natural conditions on the territory of Serbia have caused limited application value of the large number of recent development strategies and planning documents of different purpose. The best indicator of this is the Strategy of development of planning area of the municipality Ub where, apart from general analysis of natural potential, determining the areas endangered by different intensity of geomorphologic processes was neglected in many ways. At what extent the territory is at risk of slope processes represents an important factor in choosing the location and planning the purpose of the land use, and in defining the degree of concentration of physical structure and objects of infrastructure. This kind of analysis is unavoidable segment of strategy for spatial development of some territory. Therefore, apart from the analysis of natural conditions as the potential of development of some territory, the same attention should be paid to rightful assessment of degree of impairment of the territory, i.e. limitations for its development and growth.


risk, slope processes, erosion, landslides, Ub municipality

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