The evaluation of possibilities of sustainable tourism and recreation in the Mrtva Tisa area near ÄŒurug7

Imre Nađ


The preserved parts of the nature or areas that are inteded to be protected and well-planned in terms of harmonizing the nature and tourist activities and recreation could become potential eco-tourist attractions. The Tisa meander near ÄŒurug, the Dead Tisa, together with the fish pond 'BeÄej', presents a natural, though somewhat manaffected, environment. The paper offers an analysis of the indicators of sustainability which has shown that with proper valorisation and prevention of potential forms of degradation of water and landscape this oasis could provide people with recreation and tourist activities on the water (e.g. rowing), bird watching, as well as numerous gastronomical treats typical of this area.


sustainable tourism, eco-tourism, nature protection

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