Natural basis of geoecological processes in the region Župa Aleksandrovačka

Miroljub Milinčić, Milovan Pecelj


Natural basis is a complex, dynamic and meaningful geospatial category. Although its intensity is subject to changes, it is both a permanent determinant of social development and a physical basis of geoecological processes. Due to its own development tendencies and more intensive and various anthropogenic influences, the relation between natural basis and human society is characterized by a specific structure and dynamics of geoecological processes. In the case study of the region Župa Aleksandrovačka (despite its small territory), geoecological processes are characterized by a number of specific and detectable morpho-physionomical and morpho-functional elements and relations. Such a structure of geoecological processes provides geographical homogenity and individuality to the region of Župa Aleksandrovačka.


natural basis, geoecological process, relief, drainage area, basin, ecology

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