The Lužnica settlements: Geographic-historical and spatial-demographic transformation

Danica Šantić, Marija Martinović


Lužnica is situated in southeaster Serbia and is consists of 52 settlements. In this paper are emphasized four main stages in evolution of Lužnica: initial (from the old ages until the period of Turkish rule), early stage (period of Turkish rule), central stage (from the liberation to the end of The Second World war), and modern stage that lasts for more than 50 years. The specific demographic development from the year of 1879. until modern days is denoted with changes in natural increase and migration. That is caused by the influences of the environmental factors, and also social-historic, economic, socio-psychological and other factors. Since the 60-s this territory is the good example of the area with high altitude and negative appearances in demographic development (depopulation and intensive emigration).


settlements, population, Luznica, demographic changes, transformations

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