Results of the speleological exploration on Pešter plateau

Dragan Nešić


During the period 2006-2008, basic speleological research was done on Pešter Plateau in Southwestern Serbia. On that occasion, 40 caves were surveyed, 11 of which were measured in detail. Registered caves were grouped on the basis of landscape characteristics and morphogenetic relations. Based on the location and general characteristics of the Pešter karst, it is considered that the objects near Boljare and in the ponor (sinking) area of Boroštica are connected to the drainage system of the Pećina nad Vražjim firovima (Vražiji firovi Cave). In morphological terms, the cave Bezdan Kaćunova ravan (Kaćunova Cave) near Boljare with its imposing hall is the most important object on Pešter Plateau for the time being. Realized research on Pešter Plateau has the character of basic or initial speleological research, which should be continued in order to solve different problems of karst in this area.


Speleological research; speleology; Pešter Plateau; Serbia

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