The influence of subjective criteria USGE as official principle at nationality identification in censuses to manifestation Gypsies ethnic identity

Aleksandar Knežević


According to final results of Census in 2002, total number of declare Gypsies in Serbia (without Kosovo and Metohija) was 108.193, apropos 1.44% in total population of Serbia, conditional third position in rang of ethnic minorities (behind Hungarians and Bosnians). Though, in sense population dynamics of Gypsies, it is needs to know, that official statistic data could give only information about population which "them selves repute Gypsies", declare as Gypsies in that moment, and because of that we are probability to take on scientific observe only number of declare Gypsies. During the period 1948-2002, Gypsies was included on all census statistic classifications of nationalities. But, oscillations in number of Gypsies show population dynamics without any evenly and projected trends of population development. This fact is problem and for official statistic research. Certainly, the main defect at statistic registration of Gypsies is ability to change attitude about nationality declare in censuses.


declare Gypsies, ethnic disguise, census, oscillations in number of Gypsies, ethnic destination

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