The crisis of European spatial development policy

Dejan Đorđević, Tijana Dabović


Although the European Union has no formal authority in the area of spatial policy, in sectoral policies can have a clear spatial impact. In this sense it conducts a de facto - and usually uncoordinated - form of spatial policy. An informal policy document produced six years ago sought to remedy this by offering an embryonic form of European spatial policy: the European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP). So far, no follow-up has been produced. Is this because the current document is sufficient for addressing Europe's spatial issues or because interest in this endeavor has waned? Or are we simply in a period of transition towards a new ESDP? This brief review deals with those dilemmas, from a specific point of view of the observers, both curious and worried.


spatial planning, development policy, territorial cohesion, European Union

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