Protected rural areas of Serbia - the possibility of sustainable development (Example: Special Nature Reserve “Uvac” and the settlement of Negbina)

Bojana Mihajlović


Community Protected rural areas of Serbia, that is, administrative territories of settlements belonging to their geospatial coverage, need the integration of a range of fundamental and applied problems and objectives for possible sustainable development. The necessity of proposing and adopting mechanisms for sustainable development, while maintaining the consistency principle - focuses based on specific values of individual protected territories, would represent a fundamental prerequisite. Rural settlements which areas (partially or totally) belong to the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac", hereinafter referred to as SNR "Uvac", are characterized by disfunctional environmental protection. The establishment of appropriate management mechanisms would create the basis for not only environmental, but also demographic, and social development as well, which would allow finding a solution for the survival and revitalization of settlements and greater development opportunities.


protected areas; rural settlements; sustainable development; SNR "Uvac"; Negbina

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