Geographic bases of tourist development of the Sjenica's region

Dejan Šabić, Mila Pavlović


One of the central places in finding out the overall solutions to stop the processes of economic power weakening of Sjenica's region, deagrarianization and depopulation of rural regions, is assumed by the question of adequate rural economy structuring in accordance with locally available resources. Within these frameworks we should look for the place, i.e. the position of tourist activity in Sjenica's region, which so far has not been given an appropriate role in development policies and concepts related to these areas, although it is based on various strong, highly attractive natural-ecological and anthropogenesis values. Rural areas were used for some forms of economic production and were known by low overall population densities. Tourism is attracted into these regions by natural features landscape quality and rural way of life. Rural tourism brings life to many areas. It can include a great variety of activities and can be way to prosperous life for people in Sjenica's region.


tourism, rural economy, development, country, sustainable development concept

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