A treatment of protected natural assets in the system of spatial plans

Snežana Đurđić, Dejan Filipović


In compatibility with actual recommendations and policy which leads to improvement and preservation of integral environment and especially its valuable and rare natural features and complex territory, which may separate under category of protected natural asset or area, it is necessary to implement these active and integral approach to all variety of planning documents who have purpose for regulation of some area. Civilized society which take care about their environment not only in short time period but in the period who will be reality for many of future generations, must take special interests in process of spatial planning and its integral part nature protection. Way of managing and advisedly, expert references which are need to controlling natural development of some asset, have to be harmonically connected with real state of same asset, but none observed only in their isolation, yet in real environment and their planned perspective.


nature protection, protected natural asset, low regulative framework, spatial planning

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